Monday, May 11, 2009

Moleskin - Write Away!

Inside the Moleskin notebook

Over the years I've switched back and forth between the electronic and the paper and have definitely settled on paper. Specifically, my Moleskin notebooks. I have a small one I use for my to-do's (it's always with me, to the point my team has made a joke out of it) and a large notebook I use for, well, note-taking.

And yes, I also have actual stationary at home for notes, thank you's, etc. Not Moleskin - Do they make stationary? I should check.

(Oh, I should add that I work for an email marketing company, so I also realize the world runs on email :) )

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Ben Simo said...

I keep going back and forth between my PDA and Moleskine notebooks. I love the Moleskine & would likely stick with it instead of the PDA if it didn't add another thing I have to carry. Altho, after months in my back pocket, a Moleskine becomes more flexible & comfortable ... then it gets full and I have to switch to another notebook. :)