Monday, July 13, 2009

Blueberry Picking @ Berry Patch Farms

Yesterday we tried something we'd never done before... Blueberry
picking. It was a nice way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon!
Great way to spend $2 (it's only $1.60 for a pound, if you can believe it)!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

21 Days Later

If you’re friends with me on Twitter or Facebook you know I went for a spectacular ride three weeks ago to Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga.  It was probably the best ride of my mountain biking career, actually… The trails were fantastic, we rode for over 4 hours, the weather was perfect, and I went with some great friends.

Of course, if you knew about the spectacular ride, then you likely also know about my spectacular crash.  (I “supermaned” off my bike.  It was glorious.)  I’m sure in the grand universe of falls it wasn’t too bad (no broken bones, no stitches required), but it was certainly my worst crash thus far, worse than this one.  I ended up with some bruised ribs, a really nice gash above my right eye, cuts and bruises all down my legs and two sprained wrists.  My doctor suggested I keep off the bike for a few weeks.

So, three weeks later I was pumped to get back out there and headed over to Big Creek in Roswell yesterday after work.  Big.  Disappointment.  The fact that it was a sweltering 97 didn’t help, or the fact that they had closed off part of the Roswell Greenway, so the only way I could access the trails was to start right off in the middle of the advanced section.  A few things I noticed…

  • My wrists didn’t hurt as much as I was afraid they would, so I’m pretty good to go on that front.
  • When you’re used to riding 2-3 times a week, three weeks is a long time to stay off the bike.
  • Although I had no fear of crashing again right after the fall at Raccoon Mtn, I was rather hesitant yesterday; you can’t ride well if you’re afraid of falling.
  • 97 is too freaking hot for me.

But… For the first time since I started mountain biking, I was really excited to get back out there.