Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eight years and counting...

Yesterday Esther and I celebrated our 8th anniversary... Eight years already!  Time flies when you're moving 4 times, changing jobs and having a child!  In honor of the anniversary we decided on our "new" annual tradition (i.e. this was the 2nd year in a row) of dinner at Sage in Alpharetta followed by a new-release movie.  Last year it was Transformers.  Yes, I realize that Transformers doesn't scream, "Happy Anniversary, honey!" but she enjoyed it... Honestly!  This year we debated between Wall-E and Hancock; since Wall-E was playing at the not-as-desirable UA theatre we chose Hancock at AMC.  Will Smith certainly "owns" July 4th flicks; Hancock was a laugh-out-loud funny movie, especially when you factor in the hilariousness of Jason Bateman.  Finally, we wrapped the night with a sundae and some coffee at Steak n' Shake, reliving some memories from early in our relationship.

Happy Anniversary, Esther - I love the life we've built for ourselves and Gabriel.

(Sage took great care of us... They asked if we were celebrating anything, so when we told them it was our 8th anniversary they decorated the oil plate and also gave us a delicious and complimentary crème brûlée, flight of champagne and a nice painted plate.)