Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Resolutions Redux

Now that we're a full two months into 2009, how am I doing against my resolutions?  In general, about as well as an AIG executive at a Senate subcommittee hearing.  Well, actually, maybe a bit better than that.

(1) Blog more?  Um, yeah, right.

(2) Travel?  Not so much.  I haven't even left Georgia so far.
(3) On the biking front I can say I did, actually, get off to a good start.  A friend of mine at work is training for a triathalon, so I've been riding with him pretty consistently.
(4) I've done ok keeping up with friends and have already connected with several good friends I hadn't talked with in a while, but I could certainly do more here.
(5) Work is off to a decent, although somewhat uneven, start.
(6) As far as "leading" vs. "managing" goes, I've had a few epiphanies lately (soon to be the subject of a blog post, see #1 above), and in sharing these with my team I think I've started to shift more towards leadership this year.  After additional reflection, however, I think I've consistently fell on the management side of the spectrum because that's what I was hired in to do.  Now that my team is generally setup and running I can disengage a bit from day-to-day management.
(7) Meanwhile, on the home front, I think I've changed a lightbulb or two.  Our garage door still needs fixin', and the garage certainly won't clean itself.
(8) I don't think I've done spectacularly well against this resolution, although I did make some nice surprise Valentine's/wife's birthday plans (W Buckhead, dinner at Brio, dessert/coffee/breakfast the next morning at Cafe Intermezzo).

So how are all of you doing against your resolutions?