Saturday, June 28, 2008

My new ride has Fahrvergnügen!

I don't care that that Fahrvergnügen is an old term... My new car has it!  After several protracted months of research and test drives, I walked into Gossett VW late this morning and walked out, several hours later, with a new 2009 Jetta SportWagen!

I honestly wasn't planning to buy a car this weekend, especially since I was supposed to be at work all day today, and after yesterday's test of the Mazda 3 I was leaning towards buying one in a month or two.  However, after an aborted production deployment this morning, I had the rest of the day at my disposal, so we decided to head over to our local VW dealer just to see if they had a SportWagen to look at, which they obviously did.

At first I was a little aprehensive about getting a hatchback with anything other than a turbocharged engine, so Greg took me out for my first test drive of the day in a 2008 Jetta with their 2.5L 5-cylinder engine.  It had more horsepower than my 2000 Jetta, and was a great ride.  After some more deliberation, they moved the only SportWagen they had outside so we could test that as well, this time with Esther and Gabriel.  It was another great ride, great steering and suspension, as I expected, and unless I looked in the rearview I wouldn't have known I was in a wagon.  And it's an automatic :)

So, after close to 5 hours (thankfully my father-in-law swung by to look after Gabriel for a while!) and lots of deliberation, we signed the paperwork and I drove home in the new wheels.  It was a bit more than we were planning to pay, but the 2009 includes all service and standard maintenance for 3 years, and my 2000 was starting to get long in the tooth.  I've never leased before, so I'll be watching my mileage carefully, but I'm super excited about my new VW.

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Rick said...

Mike, thanks for the feedback, I like your blog and approve of the wagon chioce! I have not ridden any other trails in the area, but I hope to try some out this weekend.