Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Joys of the Job Interview

I came across this article on CNN the other day and it prompted me to want to write a quick post about the joys of the job interview. Specifically, since the article itself talks about what *not* to do during an interview, I thought I'd lay out some of my personal suggestions on what to do (and not to do) if you want to land the job. For example...

  • When I ask you why you want to work at this company, don't say, "I visited your website and it looks interesting.” That’s the answer I get from 95% of the candidates; you want to be in the group of 5% that get invited back. Do some research on the industry! Read a white paper! Download our demo!
  • When you come in for an in-office interview, dress appropriately. Yes, we’re casual, but I like to see a candidate make the effort to wear a suit. If you can’t go the extra mile for the interview, would you really go the extra mile once if I hire you? Doubtful.
  • When I ask you why you're interested in the specific position, the following answers are the Kiss of Death: "It seems like it would be a stable paycheck." "I live close to your office, so it's a great location for me." "It's a full time position." "I'm not necessarily interested in one position vs. another, I just want a good role."
  • Finally, when I ask you for your questions, put some thought into it! Show me you've done your homework and seal the deal. Questions that make me cringe, however... "Do you have a work-from-home policy?" "How are your benefits?" "How did I do during this interview?"
Good luck on your job search!

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LeahAndMark.com said...

whoa. all this posting without warning? I had to read back a few days! ha.

Actually, it IS quite amazing the things people think they can do at a job interview... and that they never learn from after making mistake.