Saturday, June 13, 2009

A 3-Year Old’s Secret

The joys of communicating with my 3 year old son, Gabriel…

Me:  So what am I getting for Father’s Day, buddy?
Gabriel:  I can’t tell you, Daddy, it’s a secret!
Me:  Please?  I really want to know!
Gabriel:  No, it’s a surprise!
Me:  What’s a surprise?
Gabriel:  That you’re getting an iPhone for Daddy Day!
Me:  So you won’t tell me?
Gabriel:  No, it’s a secret!
Me:  Is it a new BlackBerry?
Gabriel:  Nope.
Me:  Is it some new clothes?
Gabriel:  No!
Me:  Is it an iPhone?
Gabriel:  It sure is!
Me:  So when will you tell me the secret?
Gabriel:  On Daddy Day!  On Daddy Day I’ll tell you a story about an iPhone.

Gabriel Shhhh

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