Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting Sucked In

Getting sucked in is strictly a guy thing, right? You might be asking, "Whatever do you mean by 'getting sucked in'?" I'm talking about the odd phenomenon whereby I can flip on a movie and, about 30 seconds later, be so engrossed with the show that I've tuned out the rest of life. It's almost instantly. "Honey, did you order the new comp - " ZZZZZZZZZZ.

This happens on a regular basis in our house, to the point where Gabriel already knows, "Mommy, Daddy's sucked in!" It doesn't matter how many times I've seen the movie, or the last time I saw it, or even if I freaking own it. Case in point? Tonight's showing of The Hunt for Red October on AMC.

Others include...
The Negotiator
The Matrix
Patriot Games
Clear and Present Danger
The Last Samurai
The Thomas Crown Affair
Any of the Lethal Weapons

Do you have any "sucked in" flicks of choice?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on all of those ... but Swordfish. Seriously, Swordfish... really?!? Did you throw that one in as a joke or to see if anyone reads the list all the way through?

Well, no worries. Everyone has his own taste in films, no matter how strange that taste may be. :) Thanks for sharing.

Michael said...

Of course, Swordfish! What's not to love about the tried-and-true story of an infamous computer hacker, down on his luck, getting asked to develop a multi-headed hydra using a wicked-cool 9-flat-screen-monitor-setup as part of a terrorist/government agent bank heist all in the hopes of getting his daughter back from the clutches of an evil porn king?


Anonymous said...

actually, that's a pretty good list of movies. Maybe I will give swordfish a try.