Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photoshop was the Devil's Creation

I'm gonna be honest with you - I hate Photoshop.  I don't believe it was developed by Adobe, but but Satan's minions working in a dot com-style loft in the Depths of Hell.  CNN said Photoshop is an "industry standard for graphics professional."

Bull.  It's really an industry standard for those wishing to manipulate decent images of co-workers.  Two case in points, our Scrum teams at work needed to come up with logos.  Nobody had the individual creativity to come up with original works.  Instead, they had to bastardize photos of others, including yours truly.

It's just rude and disrespectful, people.  Next thing you know people will be pasting images of wholesome female public servants onto bodies of bikini models or taking well known celebrities and Photoshopping them into porn.

Damn Photoshop.  I hope you're happy with what you created, Satan.

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Carrie Ann said...

Oh my. Must admit that the pin cushion voodoo doll looks a lot like you. You need to retaliate!!